Monday, March 3, 2014

I needed that job like a hole in my head(ache)

I've survived a week at my new job and two things standout:

1) I don't want to quit yet (I wanted to quit the first week at my old job)
2) My head hasn't bothered me in days

Now that's probably not 100% accurate. I do have episodes now and again. I went for a run on Sunday and I was fine for the first 15 minutes but when I had to turn around and run back and I could kind of feel it in my head. I thought about walking back but decided to run anyway. And then I sat in the car and drank my recovery drink until my legs started working again and drove home and completely forgot about it.

Two weeks ago, if I went for a run, it would take me a day or two to recover enough that I was ready to exercise again. But this time it was just a little twitch.

I supposed it could be a coincidence. Or maybe I have just turned the corner finally after 2.5 years. Or the 75 mg of Topamax is enough now when 50 mg wasn't.

But I can't help but think that having a job that doesn't give me death in my soul is the key.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cleared to Sprint - Getting my Life Back

This week was a big doctor week. I got my teeth cleaned, I saw my neurologist and I had a mole whacked off. Seeing the neurologist was the biggie though.

I told him what was up with me.

The Good

-I was running once or twice a week and while it was making my head hurt, I was recovering from that pretty quickly. Last time I ran, it would make my head hurt for two weeks!

-I had gone on a few bike rides that were hard and my head hadn't really hurt from it. One of the rides had hills! Last year I couldn't do that.

-I was strength training and, as long as I was careful, it wasn't bothering my head

-I can swim pretty much as much as I want without any impact on my head

-There are periods every day where it feels like I am completely recovered and never hurt my head. Sometimes these last almost all day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Osteopenia: Do I have it or not?

I got all my yearly labs done and pretty much everything ranged from okay to awesome except for protein, which was the lowest it's ever been, and my DEXA scan.

On the DEXA scan, the radiology doc put "Osteopenia" and I freaked out. I did have one measure that was -1.1 and technically they call osteopenia if you are under -1.0 on a t-score. I waited for my PCP to contact me about it and she never did. I went back to read my results and I noticed she has put "your bone density is normal" on my results!

I asked about it and she said it's complicated and I can make an appointment and she'll explain it to me. I don't really want to waste the time with that though. I need to start strength training again any way and I'm pretty close to starting to run again. I suspect that will nip this trend in the bud.

Also, it turns out Topamax can sometimes cause osteoporosis and I'll be off that at some point. Hopefully later this year.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

I have my own domain name - FINALLY!

I bought the domain name "" ages ago. And then never got it set up correctly. Until today.

So now you don't have to remember ""!

Just use:

How cool is that? I know, the little things amuse me.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hey, you. (Yes, you.) You're beautiful!

Almost ten years ago, the Dove company started out putting out a series of ads designed to create a world where "Beauty is a Source of Confidence, Not Anxiety"

And women responded.

I loved the first ads with the actual real women of all body types and ages. But Dove got a lot of flack for them -- in part because apparently showing women who aren't model skinny "promotes obesity" --and over time they watered down the impact by removing the fatter and older women from their "Real Beauty" web site and campaign logo.

Their Dove Evolution video of a woman being made up at a photo shoot for an eventual billboard ad was a masterpiece though and is still being passed around the web today. I think the difference is that this ad shows us that it's possible. You too can be model pretty if you put on enough product. After all the gal in that ad was fairly blah looking to start and, sure they Photoshopped her features at the end. But, even without that, with the make-up and the hair and the lighting, she looked pretty fancy and close enough to what you see in magazines.

Their latest "Real Beauty" ad has the theme of "you're more beautiful than you think" and that's a message I am totally on board with. It consists of women describing themselves to a forensic artist and then a stranger who just met them describing them. The two sketches are then shown side-by-side and the difference is astonishing.

And women, once again, responded positively, passing the video around, saying it made them cry, saying "you have to watch this."

But, unlike with Dove's other ads, I did not have a positive response to this one.