Sunday, April 24, 2016

Half Moon Bay "Super" Sprint: My first podium!

Last weekend, I did my first triathlon of the season, the Half Moon Bay Super Sprint. I'm not exactly sure why it was called a Super Sprint since it was basically as long as a regular Sprint. Well, the swim was only .33 miles but it was .35 up to the transition area, the bike was 11 miles and the run was the standard 5k.


I don't normally race this early in the season but I have wanted to podium at a triathlon for a while. I've done it in other kinds of races -- running, AquaBike, OWS, and Aquathlon -- but never a triathlon. This race is new and usually cold so I was confident that almost no one would show up in my age group. Of course, this means it was beautiful weather and more people signed up than normal. But I still managed to beat two of the people in my age group for a second place finish! I was so happy.

I had a decent race too. It was hard to judge the swim because I forgot to look at my watch existing the water and then there was that long run. But I felt good even running up to T1. My T1 was a bit awkward, longer then normal, though. I was happy with my bike -- it was much faster than I expected as the course was very fast. I was still last in my age group on the bike which means I really need to improve there. It probably didn't help that I hadn't biked in three weeks before that, only done Spin classes. T2 was also a bit longer than usual because when I got back there was a bike in my spot! Then my run was fine. I beat my time goals on that too and felt good enough to really race to the finish line.

In the end, as annoyed as I was with my transitions, I only beat the third place finisher because mine were better than hers. So I guess they weren't that horrible even if there is room for improvement.

My next triathlon isn't until June but I'm doing two running races in May. I feel basically prepared for them even though I've been slacking off in my long runs. I made myself run 12 miles today and now I'm going to start tapering. As soon as they are over, it's back to triathlon though and I plan to do a ton of biking. I'm tired of being the last in from the bike!
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