Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Race season is starting - where am I?

Tomorrow is my first race of the season. I feel completely unprepared. But excited.

I'm doing the Splash 'n Dash series this year (last year it was cancelled due to drought and I miss it) and, when I signed up, I was really excited to be able to Dash and not just Splash. But here I am the day before the race and yesterday was the first time I've run in 2.5 weeks. Hmm.

I went to Track yesterday to test things out. I wasn't sure I was going to do the full workout but I mostly did it. We were supposed to do a "time trial" mile and a half. I did it pretty easy. I did push myself not to slow down with each lap but I was no where near the sort of pushing I normally do for a time trial.

And the verdict is: SLOW! I am slower than I was last year at the start of the season and it's a year later and June.

Oh well, there really isn't anything I can do about it now. After my last flare-up of my sciatica from trying to ramp up too quickly, I decided this time to take things really, really slowly. Last week I added extra biking and nothing bad happened and this week I'm starting back to running. I can already see that the running is a lot harder on my body than the swimming and biking.

My hope is that I will be back to full form by the time of CST at the end of June. It was originally going to be my first-half-of-the-season A race. It's a Regional Championship and the first five finishers in my age group qualify for Nationals. My goal was to get on the podium (i.e., finish at least one place above last year when I came in fourth). My goal now is just to have fun. If I can eek out a top five finish, that will be icing on the cake, but it's looking less and less likely. (Of course, it totally depends on who signs up so I could still luck out.)

Yesterday I also got another email from "Team Chicago" about the ITU World Aquathlon Championships. It's time to register!  It's only going to cost me $300 (typical Aquathlon prices are more like $50). However, to be fair, $100 of that is for the Team Uniform to wear for the team picture, Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Nations. Yes, I'm going to be in a "Parade of Nations" jut like at the Olympics!

And we even have a "promo" video:

It's also not clear if the $300 includes our racing kit. (The email was confusing about that.) If it does, that's actually a decent price.

There is also an "Open Sprint" triathlon on Saturday that anyone can sign up for. I haven't decided if I'm going to do it -- bringing my bike ups the expense and logistic factors tremendously -- but if I do, that's another $150.

Maybe I need to get a paper route to earn some extra spending money like I did as a kid. It's a good thing I just sold my old bike that has been sitting in my garage unused for years. And that flying to Chicago from SFO is super cheap.

Though it is fun to be bitching about going to ITU Worlds instead of bitching about not being able to workout at all.

My recovery from that lowest of low point is certainly going slower than I anticipated but I am definitely on the downhill side now.

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