Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Time for two lunches?

When I was training for an Ironman, I got the point where I was in danger of dipping below 110 pounds and I really didn't want that. So I started putting a banana into my morning protein shake and eating two lunches a day. If I didn't do that, I would snack pretty much all day and snack food tends to be really high in sugar and not very healthy.

Yes, I could snack on healthy vegetables and nuts but vegetables don't have many calories and there are only so many nuts you can eat before your diet becomes very unbalanced. At one point I was eating 3-4 servings of nuts in the day and 1-2 more at night. That is a lot of nuts!

Enter the two lunches. I thought of them as Lunch One and Lunch Two like Thing One and Thing Two in the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Suess.

Right now I am "only" training for a Sprint triathlon but I have built up to working out five to six hours a week pretty consistently and some weeks I get up to eight. And I find myself snacking a lot at work.

Unfortunately we have a ton of junk food at work and there are only so many times  you can go to the cupboard and say "I will not have the Milky Way Minis" or the Chocolate Covered the Raisins. Or the Drumsticks. Before you do.

Plus I'm eating a ton of nuts again and I really don't want to get 50% of my calories from one food source.

I've already started to at a banana into my shake on days I workout so it makes a better recovery snack (too much protein, not enough carbs otherwise) but that hasn't been enough.

So I think it's time to bring Thing One and Thing Two back into my life.
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