Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chasing a missing workout

It sucks when life gets in the way of your training schedule. Last weekend I got sick and missed a key workout. It was a Bike-Run-Bike-Run brick. My coach said I didn't really need it, but I really wanted to do it. So I kept trying to fit it in this week. It's really the only week I can do it because the race is in two weeks so if I didn't do this past week, it wasn't going to help me.

But when you are sick, your body gets weak. And a weak body has trouble working out.

I got sick Friday afternoon and I stopped spewing 4:30 am on Saturday morning. So no working out on Saturday as I was weak and felt faint and fluttery all day. I just vegged.

Sunday I had signed up to volunteer at the SV Kids Tri and I felt good enough to do it but not good enough to stay and tear down after as I normally do. And definitely not good enough to workout afterwards.

Monday was scheduled as a rest day and I made brave talk about doing the workout that day. Ha! Still feeling weak.

Tuesday was track and it was all I could do to do that workout. Luckily it wasn't too strenuous.

Wednesday was my swim workout and swimming is not high impact. Maybe I could do the workout in the evening. Except my swim workout sucked big time. I was so slow and just not feeling it. No way I could do a double.

Thursday was my normal bike workout, so I figured I'd just turn it into the missed one. I'd only be biking about 20-30 minutes more than normal and running 20 minutes more than normal. I tried to tell myself: No big deal.

Except once again I wasn't feeling it. I ended up riding with one of the new people and instead of doing the ride as a tempo ride, I did it as an easy ride and that "easy" ride was hard enough in spots. We were out longer than I normally go on Thurs. by about 5-10 minutes with a few more hills and I really had to push myself to do my 10 minute run after. But I did it!

I'm glad I did because the "I can't believe I'm running after biking" dead legs feeling went away after .25 miles which is the fastest yet. So that was good.

But no way I was going to be able to do another bike ride and another run!

Friday was a strength workout and that was enough given that we were going to do a trial run of the race the next day. No way I was going to bike 24+ miles the day before after also doing a strength workout. That would be dumb!

So that was it. The workout was gone.

It turns out to be okay though. I swam .5 miles on Saturday and even though I couldn't see a thing from foggy goggles on the way out so I was swimming all over, I still made my time goal. Then we biked the course and even though we had lots of coaching and regrouping, and red lights and stop signs, I still pretty much made my time goal. And I wasn't even pushing the pace most of the time!

Then we ran the run course and also had coaching and regrouping. At the end, what with the heat and not eating breakfast because I was still recovering from the flu (every time I thought about eating breakfast, my stomach flip flopped), my guts gave out. I'd been having some bouts of residual queasiness all week and I was sure that if I pushed myself, I'd end up either barfing or soiling myself, so I ended up walking the last .25 miles and stopping just short of the finish line to use the restroom.

Nothing putrid spewed out and I felt pretty good once I stopped running so I think I'm basically recovered at this point. Oh, and I beat my time goal by 3 minutes! Yes, even with regroups and nausea and walking and stuff.

The other cool thing is that it didn't bother my head at all that day and I only had one headache episode today and only for about 5 minutes. This is much better than after Wildflower -- which was still not bad. In fact, right now I don't feel like I did a big workout at all yesterday. I'm raring to go.

What I've found over the years is that if I miss a workout due to life getting in the way, I can make it up. If I have to work late on Tuesday, I can shuffle my schedule around and do that workout on what would normally be a rest day. But if I miss a workout due to sickness, that workout is gone and I have to accept it, draw a line through it and move on.

I know this intellectually but I still always am trying to get around it and somehow, someway, fit that workout in even though I know I'm not going to be able to and I'm better off not doing it.

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