Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cleared to Sprint - Getting my Life Back

This week was a big doctor week. I got my teeth cleaned, I saw my neurologist and I had a mole whacked off. Seeing the neurologist was the biggie though.

I told him what was up with me.

The Good

-I was running once or twice a week and while it was making my head hurt, I was recovering from that pretty quickly. Last time I ran, it would make my head hurt for two weeks!

-I had gone on a few bike rides that were hard and my head hadn't really hurt from it. One of the rides had hills! Last year I couldn't do that.

-I was strength training and, as long as I was careful, it wasn't bothering my head

-I can swim pretty much as much as I want without any impact on my head

-There are periods every day where it feels like I am completely recovered and never hurt my head. Sometimes these last almost all day.

The Bad

-The running definitely bothers my head. I have at least one period a day where I feel like someone hit me in the head (on the spot where I crashed) that lasts for at least 5 minutes (but sometimes for hours)

-I'm only working out two times a week and to train for a triathlon, I need to swim and bike at least once a week, and run at least two times, and do strength training one time too. I could probably do the training I need, if I stopped running but mentally I need to do the running.

The Plan

We talked about it and came up with a plan. 

-He said I could go up to 75mg of Topamax from the 50mg. 

-And I can train for a Sprint Triathlon but only if I go really slowly on the running. I'd been doing the Couch-to-5K which is a nine week program. He suggested I take 12 weeks to move up to the 5K instead. 

-Also, I need to listen to my head and adjust based on what is going on with it.

So that's what I'm doing.

The Results

It's working out pretty well so far. Last week I didn't feel up to running two times, but this week being on 75mg for a whole week, I do. 

I am not swimming or biking regularly yet, but I plan to do a New to the Sport type plan with a club near my work starting in March and hope by then to be up to it.

Here is what my week looks like right now:

Monday - rest
Tuesday - run at Campbell Track - Come Run with Me
Wed. - rest
Thurs. - rest
Friday - Serious Strength at Integrate Performance (love this workout!)
Sat - rest
Sunday - run near my house

Next Steps

The goal is to swim on Sundays and run after as soon as it gets warmer and bike on Saturdays as well. Then I just have to work in another bike and swim during the week and Sprint Tri here I come! 

I am trying to decide between the Morgan Hill Sprint in May or the Folsom Sprint in June. Well, I'll definitely do Folsom (assuming no set-backs). The question is whether I also do Morgan Hill. 

There is also a Super-Sprint in Half-Moon Bay in April that is tempting me. I'm already swimming more than a mile when I do swim (about every two weeks) and my last bike ride was 7+ miles and my last "run" was 2+ miles. I think in 6 weeks, I can be biking 9 miles and running 2.5. Plus Half-Moon Bay is pretty!

I don't know if you can tell, but I feel so excited right now. I feel like I'm getting my life back.
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