Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cleared to Sprint - Getting my Life Back

This week was a big doctor week. I got my teeth cleaned, I saw my neurologist and I had a mole whacked off. Seeing the neurologist was the biggie though.

I told him what was up with me.

The Good

-I was running once or twice a week and while it was making my head hurt, I was recovering from that pretty quickly. Last time I ran, it would make my head hurt for two weeks!

-I had gone on a few bike rides that were hard and my head hadn't really hurt from it. One of the rides had hills! Last year I couldn't do that.

-I was strength training and, as long as I was careful, it wasn't bothering my head

-I can swim pretty much as much as I want without any impact on my head

-There are periods every day where it feels like I am completely recovered and never hurt my head. Sometimes these last almost all day.