Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update on my Tylenol PM attack

Friday night I had this weird reaction to Tylenol PM. I had had a similar reaction a while back but it wasn't clear it was the Tylenol PM that caused it and I forgot about it. But it's happened again and this time it was clear that it couldn't be anything else.

I thought I was do for my yearly check-ups so I figured I'd just talk to my doctor about it then. But it turns out I was late on them last year so now they won't give them to me because it hasn't been a year since I had them. Well, poop!

I just made an appointment to talk about my issue directly instead.

My doctor said that, if my liver, kidney and heart are okay, than having something like this happen even one more time would be okay. (She didn't say what it would mean if it continued to happen beyond that but the implication was that regular ongoing attacks were bad.) However, we have to know my liver, heart and kidneys are okay.

So she scheduled me for some blood work and a cardiac stress echo test. The blood work is no big deal. I could have had it done right then and there but I wanted to get into work. I'm going to do it Friday since I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I can't get the stress echo test until the 22nd though.

This is a problem because she wants me to scale back my working out to about 40%  of what I have been doing until the test results come in.

And that's a problem because I have the Folsom Sprint AquaBike this weekend. Which is not a 40% effort. It's more like a 150% effort. In fact, I've been stressing a bit over the fact that the bike ride is 19 miles and I've only done 15 miles maximum. Not to mention we're having an Open Water Swim clinic on Saturday and I was planning on camping in the area that weekend. But that all together and we're talking a 200% weekend.

Guess it's all off now.

I'll still do the swim clinic. That will be my 40%. But that's it. At least for the next two weeks.

Anyone want a free entry into the Folsom Sprint?
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