Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I may be crazy, but my heart is normal

Pretend this is my heart and not some random heart
That's what my stress echo tests says anyway. Not even "normal for an old broad" but normal in general.

So that's good. I guess I can get back to exercising. Just in time because the Santa Cruz Triathlon is coming up in a month and I need to get from biking 15 miles to 26 miles in that time!

I'm actually not sure I can do it, but I'm going to give it the "old college try" whatever that means.

In the meantime, I'm still working on becoming a Flying Monkey. The only problem is, after all my prep work, the lessons, downloading tunes, karaoke and sheet music, and practicing like crazy, they cancelled the auditions scheduled for today!

The day started out pretty well. I had an image to print for my head shot and I packed everything I needed and went to work. At work I performed my audition piece for some colleagues and I nailed it. Seriously. I have never sang so well in my life.

It was all downhill from there.

I could NOT get that headshot to print. We have no color printers at work that the peons are permitted to print to. (Don't ask.)

The FedEx store would not read my thumb drive. After three trips and two emails, I finally got two pictures of mediocre quality. They would have to do. But I had to go back to work to print my resume on the back of them. I managed to print it on the front of one of them (which is why I had two) but was successful with the second print.

Now I was leaving 30 minutes later than I wanted. Traffic was okay at first. I'm almost to where I'm meeting Mini-Mac when I realized ... I left my sheet music at work! I call Mr. Mac and he's already left with Mini-Mac and they are almost there. We all agree to meet at home instead and I'll reprint the music there (for free). But traffic gets worse and worse. Then my "low gas" light comes on! I call them back and tell them to print out the music (which means paying for it again) and meet me at the original rendezvous spot. Then, I realized my make-up is also at work. I call back once more, but they have left yet again and that's it.

Mini-Mac says I don't need make-up for a PPF audition. Which is funny because I swear she needs make-up to leave the house.

I get to McDonalds, get gas, go through the drive-through for some dinner and am done just as they pull up. Mini-Mac and sheet music transfer to my car. Mr. Mac gives me a kiss and says "Good luck!" Mini-Mac has a cow. "You aren't supposed to say that! It's bad luck!"

We start driving up to the audition. At this point, I'm still going to make it on time but barely. I start to relax when the phone rings.

It's J-something from PPF. She's so sorry but someone in the production crew is sick and they are canceling the rest of the auditions for the evening. Can I please come on Thurs. instead? Um no, Thurs. is Mr. Mac's birthday. Oh, well maybe they can squeeze me in during Callback weekend. Which is 1.5 weeks from now and also there's a good chance I won't get to do my prepared numbers but will do whatever the callback people do which is not going to play to my strengths (such as they are).

Told you the Flying Monkeys are bad asses
I am not a happy camper right now. Though at least I can redo my headshot.

And work some more on my Sondheim. Which is actually finally in tune. But my vowels aren't juicy enough. Or something like that. And also I still stumble over the words in two sections.

So I guess it's okay. But not if I have to wait 1.5 weeks. Because it will all go stale by then. Or I'll stop working on everything and lose all my momentum. I guess I can cross my fingers that MacBoy has to work on Thursday and we have to put off Mr. Mac's birthday dinner without it being my fault.
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