Friday, August 30, 2013

My audition was freaking awesome!

What a difference 35 years makes! I don't remember auditions being either so scary or so much fun when I was in High School.

I was very annoyed when my first one got postponed but it turned out to be a good thing. The extra two days really helped me solidify my Sondheim piece. I couldn't have taken having to wait another 1.5 weeks though, so I'm glad Mr. Mac let me skip his birthday dinner. (Don't worry -- we're going out to eat tomorrow.)

This time I left work an hour earlier and traffic wasn't nearly as bad. It still took me two hours to get there. But no panic. No forgotten sheet music. I even remembered my make-up and hair brush. I got there with 30 minutes to spare so I had time to warm-up, calm down, and otherwise collect myself.

I was super nervous though. I did recognize a few of the kids milling around when I arrived but they were finishing up or checking people in. The only one I recognized who was auditioning with me was Dr. Joe who came to PPF from the Oakland Children's Hospital (our designated charity). He's on the PPF board and has been in many productions. He was trying out to be the Wizard -- whom he looks just like -- or the Cowardly Lion -- who he kind of sounds like -- and I bet he gets at least one of those parts.

At 7:00 pm, they gave us a spiel about how it would work and shuffled us into a room for the auditions. The panel had SO MANY people on it. A million! Okay, maybe only six or seven. I was expecting four though.

We all sat in chairs and waited our turn.

Leslie, the Director, gave another shorter spiel and asked who wanted to go first. <crickets>

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tim Gunn challenges the Fashion Industry

Tim Gunn has challenged the Fashion Industry to design for Plus Size women (and shorties). Of course they won't. But I love him for telling them they should.

As Tim says:
"When I'm working in the real world with real women and we're shopping, we find that fashion seems to end when you get any larger than a size 12," Gunn told The Huffington Post. "How ridiculous is that?"
Pretty freaking ridiculous, Tim. Pretty freaking ridiculous.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I may be crazy, but my heart is normal

Pretend this is my heart and not some random heart
That's what my stress echo tests says anyway. Not even "normal for an old broad" but normal in general.

So that's good. I guess I can get back to exercising. Just in time because the Santa Cruz Triathlon is coming up in a month and I need to get from biking 15 miles to 26 miles in that time!

I'm actually not sure I can do it, but I'm going to give it the "old college try" whatever that means.

In the meantime, I'm still working on becoming a Flying Monkey. The only problem is, after all my prep work, the lessons, downloading tunes, karaoke and sheet music, and practicing like crazy, they cancelled the auditions scheduled for today!

The day started out pretty well. I had an image to print for my head shot and I packed everything I needed and went to work. At work I performed my audition piece for some colleagues and I nailed it. Seriously. I have never sang so well in my life.

It was all downhill from there.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

STOP! In the Name of Love - My Total Immersion Weekend

I have finally gotten to do a Total Immersion clinic! I even got $100 off because I'm an SVTC member (score)!

I have been wanting to do one of these for a while. I've heard that the TI method can really help you take a lot of seconds off your time. And what I'd seen of the approach seemed good. But it is expensive and it takes an entire weekend. So I've been putting it off.

When I first started swimming, I had so many things wrong with my stroke. So corrected them was easy. But after a while I had fixed the easy things and plateaued. Then, the drills that coaches had me do in order to "fix" minor issues started to introduce problems that I didn't have before -- like a severe "crossover" in my stroke.

I was worried that TI wouldn't be able to help me because they seemed to market towards people not comfortable in the water or with really horrible strokes and mine was mostly okay especially when I was concentrating and not tired. At least that's what people who looked at my stroke told me.

But I was wrong!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Your Weight Matters Convention: You can be there even if you aren't there

In case it's not obvious, I'm not at the Your Weight Matters convention. But they are live streaming some of the sessions! I'm at work and my kid is in a play this weekend (she's Babette in Beauty and the Beast Jr.) and my tri club is putting on our annual summer BBQ which I'm organizing and I'm working on my own audition so I don't know how many I'll attend but that doesn't mean YOU have to miss out.

Here's the schedule of what's left

Friday, August 16

Rise to the Challenge: Your Health Matters
Speakers: Pam Davis, RN, BSN, CBN, OAC Chairman and Amber D. Huett, BS, MPA
Featured Motivational Speaker: Heidi Hanna, PhD
9:30 am – 10:20 am PST
To view this live stream event, CLICK HERE.
The Rollercoaster of Life: Major Events that Impact a Woman’s Weight
Speaker: Robert Kushner, MD
10:30 am – 11:15 am PST
To view this live stream event, CLICK HERE.

Saturday, August 17

Understanding and Managing Food Addiction
Speaker: Nicole Avena, PhD
9:00 am – 9:40 am PST
To view this live stream event, CLICK HERE.
Weighing Success beyond the Scale: Identifying and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
Speaker: Gary Foster, PhD
11:00 am – 11:45 am PST
To view this live stream event, CLICK HERE.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Update on my Tylenol PM attack

Friday night I had this weird reaction to Tylenol PM. I had had a similar reaction a while back but it wasn't clear it was the Tylenol PM that caused it and I forgot about it. But it's happened again and this time it was clear that it couldn't be anything else.

I thought I was do for my yearly check-ups so I figured I'd just talk to my doctor about it then. But it turns out I was late on them last year so now they won't give them to me because it hasn't been a year since I had them. Well, poop!

I just made an appointment to talk about my issue directly instead.

Monday, August 5, 2013

On being a role model

This post is sparked by a comment I read today on Facebook. Someone was asking if we thought she could lose 15-20 pounds in two months. Her impetus was that she was going to some WLS-oriented event and "as a role model" she felt pressure to be at her optimal weight.

I found that interesting because, as a role model, I find it important not to engage in extreme dieting behaviors. Because, when you lose a lot of weight and, better yet, keep it off, people want to know how you did it and then they try to do what you did.

So I do feel pressure to not mention when I eat crap. Or don't drink enough water. Or slack off on exercise. But I definitely don't feel a lot of pressure to try to shed pounds as fast as possible because of some special event where I want to look good.