Saturday, July 6, 2013

Updating my measurements

This is what Bounce Back
looks like!
First of all, I just realized that I never did a three year update with measurements and stuff. This probably because I was recovering from Ironman Canada and then had my accident and it just got lost in the shuffle. I thought I had lab work done and went to see Dr. Awesome, but I sure didn't write about it, if I did.

Anyway, I've been doing my measurements in order to order racing kit online and every time I do them, they are smaller than the last time even though my scale weight isn't changing much. So I went back to find the last time I did my measurements and it was at the beginning of the year. (This is when Dr. Awesome told me to go down to 800 calories a day and lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks and I laughed in his face.)

I told you my plan. I would concentrate on limiting the damage while I was healing and any time my head was in "weight loss mode," I would push it. Doing that I did put on three more pounds, but I fought further weight gain every step of the way and was able to limit the damages to three pounds in four months. Then, I got put on Topamax and all the urges to mindlessly eat disappeared and my head got way better.

So I went with it and I lost everything I had gained and even more. On the scale, I'm lower than I was when I went on that fatal bike ride twenty-one months ago.

What's the verdict in terms of measurements? Here they are:

Jan 2013 Today At Goal At 1 Year
Bust 36 32 32 31
Chest 29 29 28 28
Waist 30 27 26 27
Stomach 40 (ouch!) 36 34 35
Hips 37 36 35.5 35
Thigh 17.5 17 16 17
Calf 13.5 13 13.5 13.5
Arm 10 9 9 8.5

So I'm pretty much back down to where I was when I was at goal. I could be smaller in the stomach and hips, but the thigh, calf and arms, I'd actually rather stay the same or be bigger due to having more muscles.

I also realized that I'd stopped measuring myself once I got to my One Year point because I can't find any measurements from that point until January of this year, a full year after my accident when I was at my biggest since I hit goal, and I'm kind of sorry now. I'd like to know what my measurements were back when I did Ironman Canada, for example and how that compared to Ironman Arizona.

I think I'll try to be better about this in the future especially as I get back into training and start trying to muscle up and lean out.
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