Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two more weeks to YWM2013 - still time to sign up and donate!

So I won't be going to the Your Weight Matters convention this Aug 15-18 since I have to save all my pennies to go to Kona in October. (Boo Hoo, poor me, I have to go to Hawaii. Don't you pity me?!) But you can still sign up. And I'm still fundraising for the Walk from Obesity.
Here's my Fundraising Page. I know it's kind of boring, but it's not as boring as it was two hours ago. Progress!

I'd like to raise $1000, if not by the Phoenix walk, which is only two weeks from now, then at least by years' end.

The Obesity Action Coalition is one of the few groups out there that is working to both prevent and treat obesity as well as improve the lives of people who are obese. A lot of groups do one of those things, but few do all three. And hardly any groups do all three and aren't sneery towards weight loss surgery. (That's where most of the groups I would otherwise put my weight behind lose me.)

Oh and someone on their staff is excellent at naming things. Your Weight Matters and Walk From Obesity have to be some of the best names for programs ever!

Some things the Obesity Action Coalition does include producing education materials to help medical professionals deal with matters of weight better. They have programs for learning to be an advocate in your community. (That's my one regret about missing this year's convention -- missing their one day advocacy training.) They have their Bias Busters program where they fight bias in the media and try to educate people to be more sensitive towards larger people. They have programs to combat childhood obesity. They do lobbying in Washington to make sure obesity treatments are more readily available to everyone. (Another biggie for me since I had to pay for my surgery myself.)

These are all things I can get behind. And, unlike some programs, they aren't trying to "prevent" obesity by doing things like shaming kids (because shame is such a great motivator) or Photoshopping them to be fatter than they are. The OAC concentrates on things that actually work and not "doing something" just to be saying they are doing something.
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