Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two more weeks to YWM2013 - still time to sign up and donate!

So I won't be going to the Your Weight Matters convention this Aug 15-18 since I have to save all my pennies to go to Kona in October. (Boo Hoo, poor me, I have to go to Hawaii. Don't you pity me?!) But you can still sign up. And I'm still fundraising for the Walk from Obesity.
Here's my Fundraising Page. I know it's kind of boring, but it's not as boring as it was two hours ago. Progress!

I'd like to raise $1000, if not by the Phoenix walk, which is only two weeks from now, then at least by years' end.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My birthday present to myself

My birthday isn't for two weeks but I've been thinking this year I want to do something EPIC. I've also been talking about getting my USA Triathlon coaching certificate for a while. So for my birthday, I decided to finally sign up for the class. But to make it epic, I decided not to wait for next year's class happening in my home town but sign up for the class that is taking place this October in Kona. During the World Ironman Championships.

Yep, I'm going to Hawaii. To learn to be a triathlon coach.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I've been up to .... come watch my video!

It's been almost two weeks since I've posted anything and I feel bad. But I've been busy. I've been racing again which is great. At first I was really slow and I actually managed to come in last in something which was an interesting experience. But triathlon can be a crazy sport so even though I was last, I also made the podium. So, yeah me?

I am now behind by two race reports at this point but work has been crazy and I've been making a video (also for work).

For our annual meeting at my new job, we had a video contest as some sort of bonding exercise (or something). I have been wanting to make a parody video of Macklemore's Thrift Shop for a while now but I couldn't find anyone who would do it with me. So I volunteered to be a Lead for one of the Video Teams and I talked my group into making ... Rhythm Shop.

We had a blast too. And here's our end result:

Hope you like it!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Updating my measurements

This is what Bounce Back
looks like!
First of all, I just realized that I never did a three year update with measurements and stuff. This probably because I was recovering from Ironman Canada and then had my accident and it just got lost in the shuffle. I thought I had lab work done and went to see Dr. Awesome, but I sure didn't write about it, if I did.

Anyway, I've been doing my measurements in order to order racing kit online and every time I do them, they are smaller than the last time even though my scale weight isn't changing much. So I went back to find the last time I did my measurements and it was at the beginning of the year. (This is when Dr. Awesome told me to go down to 800 calories a day and lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks and I laughed in his face.)

I told you my plan. I would concentrate on limiting the damage while I was healing and any time my head was in "weight loss mode," I would push it. Doing that I did put on three more pounds, but I fought further weight gain every step of the way and was able to limit the damages to three pounds in four months. Then, I got put on Topamax and all the urges to mindlessly eat disappeared and my head got way better.

So I went with it and I lost everything I had gained and even more. On the scale, I'm lower than I was when I went on that fatal bike ride twenty-one months ago.

What's the verdict in terms of measurements? Here they are:

Battling the Food Industry

Today I read that the WHO was prepared to take on the food industry in order to do something about the growing health and obesity crisis that is happening all over the world. Good for them!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I went a little crazy

I went a little crazy last night.

After my race last week where I was able to swim and bike in the same day and recovered just fine and then this week I biked and recovered just fine, I realized that I had been working out and recovering just fine for a few weeks now. So I decided that it was time to start working out three times a week. And bike twice a week.

Then, I started thinking, if I'm biking twice a week, I figure I can build up to the Olympic distance and do the Olympic AquaBike at Folsom -- I'd earned a free entry by volunteering. But I didn't have my second volunteer code so I signed up for a different Olympic AquaBike a month later instead.

And it's always hard to find people to do Open Water Swims so I signed up for more swim races while I was at it. I signed up for every race in July and every race in August - one on Thurs. night and one on Sunday each month.

Yes, I signed up for five races in the next three months! And I have two more to go -- that other AquaBike once I get my discount code and another open water swim race that I'm waiting on to make sure it doesn't conflict with a possible SVTC event that hasn't had its date nailed down yet.

Of course today I had a headache and it made me doubt the whole thing. However, as soon as I drank something, the headache went away. (The heat can trigger them too.)

I'm still kind of nervous about the whole thing.

I'm also amused that this morning when I got up, I found a text, an email and a voice mail from my bank. Did I make all those charges to my credit card signing up for all those charges or where they fraudulent, they wanted to know. I now have this picture in my head of some super-buff credit card scammer stealing my card and using it to sign up for endurance events, protein bars and Fluid Recovery Drink instead of the normal computers and cell phones.