Friday, June 14, 2013

CNN to attend this year's Your Weight Matter's Convention

YWM2013 Convention badge I love a good pun. Maybe that's why I like the Your Weight Matter's campaign. You can read the phrase in any number of weighs. (Get it: weighs. ways. heh.)

You can read at as your weight MATTERS. And your weight does matter. If it's too low, you can suffer from certain health problems. Likewise, if it's too high. But it matters because it's something very visible about you and people judge you on it and treat you a certain way because of it.

But in other ways, it doesn't matter. On other hand, you can read it has Your Matters of Weight. As in your weight subjects.

Anyway, the convention is about both ways of looking at the phrase. There are a lot of educational topics. There are also a lot of talks about how weight impacts us or others.

Another unique aspect of this particular convention is that there is a pre-conference. A lot of conference have them and even have CE credits for their topics. But the Your Weight Matters pre-conference includes an entire day on advocacy training. That's pretty unique.

The Advocacy Training Session will include:
  • In-depth look at the advocacy process
  • Opportunity to participate in mock “Day on the Hill” visits with real legislators and staffers
  • Tips on how to talk to elected officials
  • and much more
And this year, CNN will be there! (Well, that's what I read on TV so it has to be true, right?) So maybe you'll see me on TV!

To find out more about the entire convention, visit the Obesity Action Coalition's web site.
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