Saturday, June 1, 2013

At least some part of me is working

About a month ago, my tri club put on a little 5k called the Chick Chaser. It was fun! I volunteered, but didn't run. Except I challenged my friend to a little race to the finish line. I had been feeling pretty good and feisty and my head wasn't really bothering me very much, not as much as it had in the past at such an event. So I yelled "I'll only give you your wig back if you beat me to the finish line."

Um, I was wearing a blue wig. Long story.

I didn't think she would because she had run most of a 5k, but she smoked me.

On the other hand, I didn't have a headache after and I was so excited. I started planing out the rest of my life and how I was going to train for this and that. I was BACK, BABY!

The headache didn't hit until later. Ugh.

However, the silver lining? No calf issues at all.
Looks like the last of my three calf strains had healed during my forced time off from running. Now, I still have twinges here and there, especially when driving, but basically it's healed and, when I do start running again, I should be fine. Assuming I don't tear it again which I'm going to be hyper-vigilant about.

But the head isn't quite there yet.

I did get a headache and it did take the normal two weeks that my "why the frack did you run?" headaches take to go away. But it wasn't as bad as the last time. I probably could have swum during that time if I hadn't been out of town and otherwise running around like a maniac. But it was marginal and I'm glad I took the time off from working out.

I'm ready this weekend to pick it back up though. And.... starting next week it's swimming EVERY WEDNESDAY! Because I'm back in Mountain View for my new job. Whee!
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