Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flying with and without planes - My 2013 WLSFA Meet 'n Greet Experience - Day Three

Arriving at Bootleg Canyong
On the third day, I rose again... too early. This time I had no shopping to do or anything really so I wandered around trying to hook up. With friends, people. With friends. Get your minds out of the gutter!

I finally ran into some of them at Starbucks. We chatted and gathered and all went back over to the convention together. Where there was plenty of food. I got very excited until I realized there was plenty of food because they hadn't opened the food lines yet. When they did open them, I jumped right in though having learned my lesson from Friday. There were signs everywhere "Take 1 piece of quiche". Hmm.

The breakfast was actually kind of boring. We ate quiche, drank tea, and had a raffle. I had to leave early to go zip lining. Zip lining!

Hiking to the first line
I had arranged for someone to babysit my raffle tickets. Our arrangement was that, if I won something, she'd mail it to me unless it was a Click Bike. Then she got to keep it as I have two bike already and don't need another one. I thought it was a good arrangement. We didn't win a Click Bike though. Or anything else as far as I could tell. Oh well.

The quiche was good, by the way, and I did actually get a piece. Apparently they ran out last year.

I rushed off to go zip lining. The arrangement was to meet at the Excalibur for some reason. A big group of us was supposed to be going. Mr. Mac and I took a taxi there but when we got there, there was no big group. I was stressing big time over the whole thing, convinced I was missing our group who must all be just around the corner leaving without me, and also not being sure we'd get back in time to catch our plane.

In the end, Mr. Mac stayed in town and I was driven out to Boulder City by myself. Our "big" group of zip liners turned into me and two gals I didn't know who drove themselves out. Plus it turned out I didn't have to be picked up at Excalibur after all. I could have been picked up at Ballys where we were staying. Well, geez!

Wheeeeeee! Wooooooo!
I was nervous about the zip lining. More than I expected since it consists of two my favorite things -- being up high looking down and flying through the air very fast. I think I was probably nervous because I am not always a trustful person. Or maybe I do trust -- I trust other people to be incompetent. I also know that even with the most competent people, sometimes stuff just happens.

But the guys who took us up the mountains were cool and set us at ease. And I had a good time getting to know my new friends from the WLSFA convention too. One had lap band and one was sleever like me and they both were runners and we talked about our races and stuff and enjoyed the scenery.

The first line was actually kind of tame and I was slightly disappointed. But the second line was totally awesome. It has a part where you were zipping and then the bottom dropped out of the canyon so suddenly you were much higher than when you started.
Zip lining is awesome!

There were four lines in total and each one was slightly different. We got to 'streamline' too.

I paid for the photographer to take a lot of pictures since I only had my iPhone with me and you can't really take pictures while you zip anyway.

At the end, I barely did make it back to the airport in time. If Mr. Mac had come with me and we'd had to go back to Ballys to fetch our luggage, there was no way we'd have made it so I guess it was good he'd stayed in town. But I think he would have enjoyed himself out there even though he wasn't allowed to zip line (they had a weight limit). I'm pretty sure he was bored out of his skull at the airport.

All done
I barely had enough time to buy some goodies for my work team and get myself some dinner/lunch before we got on the plane and flew home. We arrived without incident, picked up the car at the offsite parking and headed home, my second (and possibly last) WLSFA Meet 'n Greet under my belt.

All in all, in spite of the fact that I don't think the people putting on this conference are remotely organized and they run the whole thing kind of like a big club to which I never feel particularly invited, I actually had a really good time. I met some new people, caught up with some old friends, got to hear two really good talks, got to dress up in my gorgeous thrift shop dress, had a fabulous early anniversary dinner with my wonder husband and got to go zip lining.

Oh and I received a job offer and managed not to punch out any timeshare sellers.

What more could I ask for from a trip to Vegas, my least favorite place in the entire country?

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