Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My brain is made of swiss cheese

Okay, it isn't really. But a few weeks ago, when I first upped my dose of topamax (aka dopamax), it sure felt like it was. It was kind of scary, actually. I decided then and there that even if the new dose wasn't enough to cure my brain that I wasn't going to up it again. It just wasn't worth it.

However, as has been the case with this drug all along, this side-effect also wore off. So my brain doesn't seem remotely swiss cheese-y now. Then again, it also doesn't seem to be working as well either. I'm not sure what to make of that.

I guess it's time to see the neurologist again. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if our COBRA is turned on. We did get the forms but I'm not sure if Mr. Mac turned them in and we haven't gotten our new ID cards.

In the meantime, my head did okay during our recent trip to Vegas. I had a few times when I was kind of raring to get back to the hotel room because the noise was just a bit too much but it was nothing like the trip to WDW last year where I would go to a theme park and an hour later be curled up in a little ball in pain from the noise. I even saw two shows without much fuss, just some Tylenol and some Advil here and there.

It's when I came back that things took a turn for the worse. I tell ya, it's my job. It's literally killing me! Except I think it's not actually my job this week. It's probably Wildflower Training Weekend. Planning and executing a weekend camping trip for 100+ people is a lot of work and getting 4-6 hours of a sleep a night and having to deal with crisis after crisis is stressful.

But once the weekend actually starts, it should be fine. It's just getting there that's killing me!
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