Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yes, Mr. Mac, triathletes do pee in their wetsuits

Last night I was "watching" the news with Mr. Mac when something on there caused him to say "Triathletes don't pee in their wetsuits!"

After I stopped laughing, I explained that we certainly do. He didn't realize that liquid passed through them, apparently.

Today I went swimming. In my wetsuit.

At which point I realized that even though normally I pee in that thing like there is no tomorrow, especially when it's cold and I need to warm up, I hadn't actually done that this season. Today, I not only did it, I did it while swimming!

This caused me to realize that even though I've hardly swum at all in the past year and a half, I actually haven't lost too many of my skills. It took me a while to learn how to pee while moving but I didn't have any trouble doing it today. My kicking technique is much better than it was the last time I did coached workouts too. I'm moving my hips a lot more as well. I do think I'm lifting my head more when I breath but I think I'm getting better at that just with swimming once a week.

People told me my fitness would come back faster than I acquired it to begin with. I had my doubts about that but so far it seems to be true. Six weeks ago, I did my swim workout and barely survived 20 minutes of swimming, if that. I went really slowly, did breast stroke for a lot of it, and also a lot of talking and coaching. The next couple of times, my back was killing me but over time I've gone from barely swimming 20 minutes to swimming over 40 minutes, really swimming the entire, with hardly any back issues. This is with no other workouts of any kind let alone other swim workouts.

I have committed to swimming on a relay team for Wildflower in May and I was worried if I could get up to 1.2 miles by then. Well, I'm already within 10 minutes of the time it will probably take me. I just need to add on .4 miles and get a bit faster and I'll be there.

I also haven't got a killer headache that will take me days to recover from as sometimes happens the night after swimming. Which is not to say I did't get a headache a few hours after the workout. But it went away pretty fast for a change.

By the way, I promised earlier to write almost every day and I haven't written in almost two weeks. It's not one of those "I've been too busy" or "I have nothing to say" things. I have plenty to say. Absolutely tons to say. Most of which I don't feel like I can say for various reasons. But I will do a bit of a catch up:

-Mini-Mac is having issues at school that I might Vague Blog about at some point because of how they relate to shame which relates to how we deal with obesity as a society
-MacBoy is having issues with his meds and almost had to be hospitalized for being underweight. He's doing better now that they took him off the med that upset his stomach and I might blog about it because of all the food issues it brings up
-Mr. Mac lost his job and, with it, our health insurance.
-The state franchise tax board finally figured out we owe them more for 2009 than we both originally thought and we may not have saved enough for our 2012 taxes though we did save as much as we'd planned which is a miracle of sorts.

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of my own issues including some people meddling in my business that I may get into at some point and job issues I won't talk about online.

Also I'm up to 50 mg of Topamax and I will blog about that very shortly.
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