Friday, February 15, 2013

Every time I see you, you're smaller

Someone said that to me today. It's been YEARS since anyone has said that to me.

Of course, early pre-op easily I heard that ten times a week. This time I had more trouble accepting it. Probably because my scale says I haven't lost that much weight. I'm at 126 which is down from my absolute highest of 134 which I saw for one day before the number scared me into going back to logging my food. But I'm pretty sure I was more around 130 the last time this dude saw me.

And it's not like I've been working out and gaining lots of muscles either to make me smaller without the scale moving all that much.

However, I look in the mirror and it looks like I'm a lot smaller than four pounds would account for. So, as usual, the scale can suck it. Ha!

Anyway, I'm thinking about doing some sort of workout this weekend. It's probably too cold to go Open Water Swimming again but I don't belong to a gym any more so I can't swim in a pool. I haven't been walking at work at all lately as my head has been bothering me too much so I supposed I could just go for a walk.

I did just point out to someone else that running errands can burn more calories than an official workout. But it's not the same. I want to really workout because of the mental aspects of it.
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