Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ninja Disappointment

I bought myself a Ninja blender for Christmas. I had heard a lot about them and they have a cool name, but some of what I heard made me pause. In particular, I was worried about the fact that it supposedly "pulverized" the ice down to liquid. I like my protein shakes to have the consistency of a smoothie and not to be completely liquid. But I've gone through two regular blenders, one immersion blender and two Magic Bullets in the past four years and I needed yet another blender.

I figured an expensive "professional" blender was worth trying. If it lasted four years, I'd be making money as the blenders I've bought in the past four years cost way more than even the top-of-the-line Ninja.

The first one I got was broken right out of the box. Now I may have done it myself by taking the protective tape off incorrectly, but it unnerved me that it was that easy (assuming I had broken it and it wasn't broken in the box).

I decided to try again and exchanged it.

The second one managed to come out of the box unscathed. But I'm not so happy about the entire experience. First, the lids tend to be hard to pull off but they feel like you could break them if you pull too hard. Second, they have these suction feet that are supposed to anchor the unit to the counter-top but they don't really work. I constantly forget that it's "anchored" and pull it towards me and it comes right over. Third, when I make shakes I end up with a mess. The first time, I put the lid on the counter, protein shake ended up everywhere because it had coated the entire underside of the lid.

Finally, they aren't very blended. The size of the ice is uneven and there are clumps of powder that never really mixed.

I've been experimenting with the ratio of ingredients and how long to blend and I think I'll get happier but my other blenders just worked without a lot of adjustment and they didn't cost $160.

There is one thing I like about the blender. There are only three speeds. I hate having 10 buttons for speeds when I only use one of them! Plus I fret over the difference between blend and puree. Having only three choices is less stressful.

I also like that the version I got had two pitchers. Now I don't have to nag my kids all the time to make sure my blender pitcher gets washed every night. Between my two Ninja pitchers and my personal blender, I can go three days before I run out of shake-making paraphernalia.

Oh, that's two things. Well, Ninjas are tricky like that. ;)

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