Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Four year stats only four months late

Finally got my lab work and other yearly tests done. I didn't get the full complement of labs done this time because I've never had any problems with most of them and there isn't any history of problems with those things with my surgery.

I had the "bone density" ones done and the "anemia" ones and the standard ones. Everything looked pretty good with the calcium. My calcium levels are normal but serum calcium almost always is. But my Vitamin D levels were okay and my PTH was good. So all of that together means, supposedly, that I'm not leaching calcium out of my bones.

Except I also had a DEXA scan done and, while everything was in the normal range for my age, on every measure I was lower than the last time, three years ago. So that's worrisome.

Not to my doctor who just said "your DEXA scan is normal." This why you have to stay on top of your own labs, in my opinion. Doctors don't see things the way I do. I look for trends, not just that my numbers are within range.

Since I take 1500 mg of calcium a day in supplements and often get another 1000 mg from my food, I suspect the problem is no weight-bearing exercise for over a year. Ugh.

My Vitamin B12, which can sometimes be an issue with weight loss surgery, was High. This actually good. The official range ends lower than it probably should for weight loss surgery people and you don't get into any trouble until you get much higher.

My ferritin levels continue to rise so I'm going to keep up my iron routine, which is to take a separate supplement from my multi-vitamin which has no iron. I think that works better than relying on the iron in a multivitamin. Also, I've been supplementing recently with carbonyl iron which is still gentle on the digestive system, but doesn't make my serum iron levels get too high like the more expensive heme iron does.

My cholesterol was good. My magnesium was good. Pretty much everything was good. With two exceptions.

My protein is still low. I've started tracking my food again and I am definitely getting at least 100 g of protein a day, often more. I'm not exercising strenuously and I'm not healing or eating a very low calorie diet, all of which can cause you to need more protein than normal, and I'm consuming more protein than average. But my levels are still low.

Either this my normal or I'm malabsorbing protein. (Though I supposed both could also be a true-they aren't mutually exclusive.) The thing is, when I was tracking my food pre-op, before I started to trying to eat more protein, I was averaging at the low end of the recommended amount. By the time I had surgery, I was averaging maybe 70 g a day, slightly more than normal. And my protein levels, the one time I got them tested, were fine. Not outstanding. But at least average.

So I don't know. I'm kind of ready to give up. I have no other indicators that anything is wrong.

The other issue is that my blood sugar level was a little high. My doctor wants me to get re-tested and also my A1c tested. Both her nurse and I think that's silly, because I don't have any history of blood sugar issues and I had eaten a high-carb breakfast 30 to 60 minutes before the test. My levels were actually pretty normal for that.

I'm going to take the test anyway just to be sure, but I'm not worried about it. This happened to me once before in the my 20s and the retest was fine so I assume it will be this time as well.

My mammogram was also normal.

So the only thing left to do is make the appointment with the neurologist. Which I plan to do every day and then I get swept up at work. (We're shipping in a week; it's been crazy.)
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