Saturday, June 23, 2012

Getting back to exercise is harder than starting in the first place

Or at least that's the way it seems to me.

When I first started out, I had no expectations. At first it was hard to workout as much as I should have but once I signed up for the triathlon, I really had to or risk making a total fool of myself. And once I got in the habit of it and had rearranged my  life around working out, missing a day here and there was no big deal. My schedule pulled me right back in.

I'm in a different place now. First, I can't sign up for a race because I have no idea if I can be ready for it and also I want to proceed at the rate my body dictates and not force things.

But also my workout times have all been filled in with other activities. So I'm back where I was when I had no habit to exercise.

On top of that, I do have expectations. Going to the gym to swim for 20 minutes (about all I can manage right  now) seems pointless compared to what I have been doing. I tell  other people to "start where you are and build up" but  I'm having trouble taking that advice myself. I don't want to start where I am but start where I was.

In the meantime, I still have relapses that keep me from working out. Last Friday I went to the SVTC Happy Hour and the next day I developed a headache again. Maybe it was from the alcohol or maybe it was the noise or maybe it was the heat and not drinking enough fluid that day. Or maybe it was all three. But I've had a low-grade headache pretty much every day since then. I even took some Advil at some point and I haven't had to do that for weeks.

Coming back from this head thing is going to be a slow hard road, isn't it? At least I was able to keep myself from signing up for Ironman Tahoe!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ironman vs. Real Life

A lot of people think I'm crazy to train for Ironmans. Or, if not exactly crazy, they don't understand how I can find the time let alone the motivation. Or maybe they think this sort of training is too hard on the body and humans weren't meant to do it.

I can't say these people are wrong.

Turning a hobby into a business

When I was in major cake pop making mode, a lot of people told me I should try to sell my cake pops. I did actually toy with doing something with them. I was going to enter some recipe contests and I thought about actually selling them.

But then sanity prevailed.

My first kick in the pants occurred when I decided to pledge two dozen cake pops to a bake sale that was a fundraiser for some people at work dealing with cancer. This was probably the first time in ages where I had to deliver a certain amount of cake pops by a certain time.

It was stressful.

The nice thing about bringing cake pops to a potluck is that you can't alway not do it and bring something else. The same with bringing them into work. If you feel tired that night, just do it another time.

The other nice thing is that you don't have to be as picky about how things turn out. If this cake pop is a little lopsided and that one doesn't have the sprinkles on it quite the way you want or the chocolate dripped down the stick too far, well just don't bring it in. Or bring it anyway and figure people getting free food won't be picky.

But when you are selling something... it has to meet certain standards.

In my life, I have tried to work for myself two times. Both times ended up as disasters. This may surprise people because I am very organized in my work life and even my personal life I get a lot down. But when I worked for myself, I had trouble forcing myself to do things when there was no schedule or outside force forcing me to do it.

I am sure it would have been the same if I had to tried to start a cake pop business.

I would still like to DO SOMETHING with my cake pops, but I think that what will actually happen is that I'll start training again and I will lose interest in this cake pop hobby entirely.

And speaking of training again.... on to the next blog post.

Time flies when you have nothing to say

It's been over two months since I posted here. Wow. I knew it had been a while, but...

At first, I had run out of things to say. I mean I could have posted more about cake pops but I don't want to have a Cake Pop blog. Yes, there are blogs that are entirely about cake pops. Wow, again.

Then, I actually had a lot to post about. But I was also out in the wilderness without internet for most of that time. When I got back... work picked up as did my volunteer work.

So here I am. First free week in ages. And so much to say that it's hard to know where to begin.

First, my head is a lot better. Not well enough to start working out and training for an Ironman again. But I rarely have full blown headaches any more -- just more like twitches and itches -- and I have been able to swim without aggravating my head. Still can't run or even walk briskly or listen to music in the car most days. Biking is iffy too. But swimming seems possible.

Now that I'm not as busy, I'm going to try to find a place to swim near my work and try swimming a few days a week and see what happens.

As far as everything else, I think I will try to separate it out into a series of posts so it's not all mashed together as one enormous, rambling stream of consciousness.