Friday, December 7, 2012

Taking a look back - beginnings of the blog

I've been going over my old blog posts to turn them into Chapters in my book and it's been very interesting.

The first thing I noticed is that my very first blog post had several typos in it. In the first six months of blog posts, I've seen typos and misspellings in almost every post. Here I thought I was being so careful and doing a good job proof-reading. Apparently it's not just my memory that's suspect. How embarrassing!

Second, it makes me squirm a bit, to see some of the stupid things I wrote. I'm reading blog posts about how I have to give up carbonated beverages forever and it's amusing because of course now I know that this advice is questionable. I've had no issues with champagne the few times I've had it but beer and sparkling cider still bother me. Diet soda goes either way but it tastes too chemically to me now to want to drink it, bubbles or no.

It also reminds me that I almost got a lap band. Given that every day someone I met on gets a revision (or so it seems) because their band turns on them, I feel like I dodged a bullet on that one.

It's also been a good lesson in how the memory plays tricks on you. We all experience our lives and our memories very strongly. For me that translates into being very sure about my memories. But now I'm reading about things that happened 4.5 years ago and realizing I've already twisted my memories of those day slightly from how I was recording them at the time.

So, if you know me and lived through some of these experiences with me, but you read my book (when it's done) and think "that's not how it happened!" you are probably right. Then again, it probably didn't happen the way you remember either.
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