Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Running and writing every day

I decided after NaNoWriMo to write every day. I had been doing a pretty good job of it too. But this week has been crazy. In fact, this month has been crazy but it culminated this week in absolute craziness both at home, with my volunteer efforts, and at work. I did work on my book for about 15 min. on Sunday but that's been about it.

As for running, I was planning to do that every day starting in January. But I am still not headache free. I had a big breakthrough a few weeks ago where I just felt better somehow and my appetite decreased too. But I can't really start running because I still get headaches.

I know, I know. I said after a year I'd just start working out anyway. Obviously I've reconsidered. I also can't go to the doctor until I get another referral. At least I got my PCP thing straightened out so now I can actually get the referral.

The bad thing about declaring "I will _____ every day" whether it be writing or running, is what happens when you miss a day? Now you can't say you did it every day. It's like when you crack your favorite cup. You can glue it back together but it's never going to be the same.

Once you've broken the streak, the temptation is to lapse into doing it less and less. When you've done it every day, the incentive is there to keep going. So Monday I had an excuse -- a meeting that I didn't get home from until after 10:00 pm. Tuesday I had to take my kid shopping to buy a dress for her performance with Frank D'Ambrosia on Friday. (Don't ask why we waited until Tuesday. They changed her group so that changed her required dress.)

But it's Wed. and I'm at my weekly write-in so I hope to "get back up on the horse" and get back into the groove.

As for the running, we'll see. I'm thinking maybe I'll start with walking every day if I have to and see what happens.
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