Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My CSI Tweezers - Kickass Defined

I bought a hair trimmer the other day, the Philips Precision Perfect Trimmer, and it came with these elaborate tweezers. I didn't really need another pair of tweezers, but the other choices without tweezers actually cost more and weren't as nice.

When I got home, I found out they weren't regular tweezers, but had a built-in light. I was shocked at how much difference having a light means.

It was just like on CSI when they shine a light on the carpet and they see a hair that you couldn't see without the flashlight! I could see so many more hairs even though I have a high-powered make-up mirror with a built-in light and a magnifier side. The CSI tweezers make my expensive make-up mirror look sick.

On the show, I thought they worked in a dark room with flashlights to look cool. But the flashlight works better the darker the room is. So TV got something right for once.

The holder has a mirror in it for hair tweezing on the go. Because we all tweeze our facial hair on the go, right? Yeah, I don't use that part. I just use my make-up mirror and grumble that it doesn't work as well as these cheaper tweezers. Oh and that the magnification makes my nose look weird.
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