Friday, November 30, 2012

We've got health insurance!

My COBRA was over on Nov. 10th and I whiffed and didn't getting anything else lined up. I was very surprised that, as time ran out, I wasn't be bombarded with offers to switch from COBRA to private insurance. When I called United Health Care to inquire about what options they had, I found out why.

They don't offer insurance to the public in California.

Actually, as far as I can tell, they aren't really in that market much of anywhere. They specialize in being administrators of companies' self-insurance plans. Intuit had self-insurance.

I had two days to get another option but supposedly I'm going to be converted to an employee at my new job so my motivation to do all that work for just a few weeks of insurance was limited. I was also concerned about pre-existing conditions, which all three of us have.

Which is how the kids and I ended up on Mr. Mac's insurance plan.

It sucks and it's expensive but it will do until I can get us back on a decent group plan.

I'm not really complaining about Mr. Mac's company either. They are teeny, tiny and most companies that size don't do health insurance at all. So he's very lucky to have some and we're lucky too because the last time I looked into private insurance it would cost almost as much as Mr. Mac's company would charge and there's a good chance they wouldn't insure MacBoy at all because of his hospitalization for depression. There was also a chance they'd have a fit over Mini-Mac's tonsillectomy.

Interestingly enough, they didn't give a damn about my weight loss surgery now that I'm over two years out. But my overactive bladder... oh boy.

My next step it so schedule all the appointements I should have had in Sept. or Oct. and get my "four year" check-ups. Better late than never.

We're on his dental insurance starting January 1 as well so I can finally get my broken crowns fixed.
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