Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Head Report: One Year and Counting

It's been over a year since  I hurt my head. Around Halloween, I had a dramatic improvement. I woke feeling cured with no restlessness and little thought to my head for hours. I still was getting headaches every day but some days they were so slight I hesitated to call them headaches.

I started dreaming of working out and even doing a 5k in December.

But then we started putting in long hours at work and working a war room. It was my first war room experience and I enjoyed many aspects of it and think it's the right thing to do for this phase of the project. But it kills my head.

I even had a headache so bad on Monday that I had to blow off my SVTC meeting and miss a great speaker.

I am frustrated though those two weeks where I saw light at the end of the tunnel have given me hope. With Thanksgiving coming up and a code-complete date in sight, I am hopeful that I will get back to where I was at Halloween. I am even planning to run every day starting Jan 1, 2013. So I better get better!

I am supposed to go back for a follow up visit next this week but I have no health insurance right now. As soon as I get a new policy started up, I will go back and see what the neurologist says.
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