Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm scaring myself here

Yesterday, as I drove home from work, I started composing a blog post in my head. I had a catchy title and everything. But then I got home, had some dinner and kicked back a bit. Once I was relaxed, I decided to write out the blog post.

But it was gone. Really and truly gone. I can't even remember the catchy title.

Now, it's not like I never forgot anything before my accident. We've all had instances where we went off to do something, got into the room in the house we were going to do it and couldn't remember why we had come into that room. Or at least I have.

But post-concussion, it's different. It's like my slate gets wiped completely clean. There isn't even a niggle of "I know what I wanted to say/write/do and I know it's in my brain somewhere; I just can't access it." Instead, it's as if it totally left my brain.

This happens with words too. I'll be saying something and just as I'm about to say a word, it completely leaves my brain. I can't even remember what letter it started with.

I guess it's a good thing I see the neurologist in an hour.
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