Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meet Grumpy, Bashful, Happy and Doc

We used to have this joke at our house that we were the four dwarves. Mr. Mac was Grumpy, Mini-Mac was Bashful, MacBoy was Happy and I was Doc.

Lately though, MacBoy hasn't been Happy, Mini-Mac is turning into Teenage-Attitude Dwarf (who they don't show in the movie because he's such a colossal pain in the behind) and I've been fighting Mr. Mac for the title of Grumpy.

I'm not sure why, so I guess I'll blame my head. Or maybe the lack of exercising that it causes. Or maybe it's something completely unrelated.

All I know is if I have to deal with one more snafu or listen to one more moron, I will jump up and down screaming until I split in two like Rumplestiltskin. I swear!

Now, I have mostly got my medical insurance straightened out. So I guess that's good. Mind you, they still haven't sent me the 50 copies of various certificates and confirmations of coverage like they promised. But my insurance company shows me as current and is starting to pay our medical bills again. So the worst is over.

Of course, I probably should get those certificates but doing so means yet another phone call.

I really hate making these sorts of calls. Hate it. Dealing with the IVR system, giving my demographics over and over as I get passed around the phone system repeating my story. It's wearing. I am totally an email kind of gal.

To make matters worse, today Mini-Mac gets an letter from the Community College district where she's taking two dance classes. They claim she owes over $350 for them. And, if she doesn't pay... they aren't going to let her register for them! Um, say what?

I think whoever sent out the letter -- which is dated March 15th but only came today -- must have edited some sort of form letter because there are two paragraphs that repeat themselves one saying she won't be able to register for the current semester that's half over and the other saying she won't be able to register for the summer or fall semester which makes more sense.

The thing is, in CA, kids 12 and up can register for classes at a community college for $1 per unit. Mini-Mac is clearly under 18, not even in High School, and clearly a California resident. So her two classes cost $2. But they are trying to charge her like she's a non-resident college student. Because some bit in some computer database is set wrong and the computer is what counts -- not common sense!

Anyway, I figure I should call them and tell them to change their records. But I honestly don't care that much. Mini-Mac will never go to a community college in that county ever again and she isn't going to need transcripts showing she took "Fundamentals of Jazz Dance"to get into college or anything. So who cares?

But part of me is having a hard time not picking up the phone right now and saying something like "I'd like to speak to someone in the Admissions and Records Office who isn't a moron."

But that would be rude, not grumpy. So I will refrain.
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