Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hewitt/Your Benefits Resources? You SUCK!

Damn, the COBRA people are working my every last nerve. Their online system sucks and their phone system isn't much better. They give out inconsistent information and they go out of their way to screw me at every turn. I have had so much trouble with them but this latest fiasco has to be the worst.

I went online to pay my bill in Feb. (The deadline was March 1st, so I was early because I was being responsible.) My password would not work so I requested a new one, which they said they'd send me via SNAIL MAIL. Well, that wasn't going to get there before March 1st so I tried a few more times to get in and this time I got locked out of my account.

When the new password didn't show up in the next two days, I called. They told me they couldn't unlock my account because my new password was being mailed to me and I just had to wait for it and they sent it snail mail because I have no valid email on file with them. But I put in my new email as soon as I left Old Company. I guess it just got dropped from the database somehow.

They tell me just mail the check. I say it won't get there by March 1st. They say "As long as it's postmarked March 1st, I will be fine. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get there." I mail the check on March 1st. They don't ask me for my valid email (and I don't think of this until after I've hung up.)

A few days later, my new password comes in the mail. I type it in and it DOESN'T WORK. So I call again and they say they my account got locked (duh) and they don't have the ability to unlock it (really? who designed the CSR system that way and why do they still have a job?). They can only send me another new password. And, no, they haven't gotten my check yet. "But as long as it's postmarked March 1st, I'm okay. Don't worry." This is March 5th, by the way.

So today (March 10th) I get the following:

-two emails from my Health Care plan that I have two new "Explanation of Benefits"
-an electronic notice from the bank that my check cleared
-an envelop with the new password inside
-another piece of mail with a "Certificate of Group Health Plan Coverage" which says my cover was canceled as of 1/31. (So they are certifying that my coverage is no coverage?)
-yet another envelop with a "Confirmation of Coverage" notice which says the same thing. (Again confirming that my coverage is no coverage, I guess. Who comes up with these terms and why do they still have a job.) And this one says explicitly that any payment deposited after coverage was cancelled will be refunded and will not extend my coverage. What?!

And get this: all three pieces of mail are dated... wait for it.. March 5th!

That's right,  the day I called them and they said not to worry as my coverage wouldn't be canceled. So at the exact same time one person was telling me my coverage wasn't canceled, another person was processing my cancellation. Nice.

Anyway, I log on to the web site (second new password actually works -- amazing!) to see what it says -- thinking that they would fix everything when processed my check and the web site when then have information as of 3/9 and not the 3/5 of the letters.
So Under "Plans" it lists "Dental and Vision" as "None" and also Spending Accounts as "None" but nothing about Medical. Medical is not even a heading! It's always been there as a separate heading before, but now it's just gone as if it was never an option.

Under "Billing" it lists that I have a credit for the amount of my check. The transactions details make no sense, but they do add up to what to leaving me with a credit of the amount of my deposit. But it doesn't actually list my deposit. (This isn't the first time the transaction details made no sense either but when I called before about that they tell me not to worry about it.)

I got to my health care plan site and it shows my coverage as being effective but won't show me what those Explanation of Benefits are because the site is undergoing "routine maintenance". I have this horrible feeling that, when the site is available again, it will list something that happened in February as being denied due to lack of coverage.

Hopefully I can get it all straightened out on Monday but, if I can't, I am royally screwed because Mini-Mac had her tonsils out in Feb. and MacBoy was in the ER and then hospitalized in Feb. and we absolutely have to have medical coverage for that time period or we will be financially devastated.

Which is totally upsetting, but I'm keeping myself from totally losing it by assuming that I can get this straightened out. If it turns out that I can't get it straightened out,
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