Monday, February 20, 2012

US Nats: Wrap-up

I didn't want to leave people hanging but it's almost a month since US Nats were in town and I haven't written about the Mens, Pairs Championships or the Exhibition. Which means I'm probably not going to.

I do have a few things to say.

First is, I really hope USFS doesn't chop up the Pairs competition like they did this year. It's completely not fair to the skaters and it's not fun for the audience either. The first half of the pairs didn't even start until 9:00 pm on Saturday since the Ladies & Dance award ceremonies ran late. Then, the next morning we started with the first half of the Mens competition. By the time the second half of the Pairs came out, it's like the first half hadn't even happened! There's no way I really remembered anything in enough detail to from the night before to know if any of these pairs didn't skate as well and deserved to drop under them.

It wasn't as bad for the Mens competition because at least it was the same day. But still... for example, it's hard to decide if Ricky Dornbush deserved to be put over Armin Mahbanoozadah by several points when there were hours and hours and an entire different competition in between them. Ricky did have a somewhat redemptive skate for his long program, but he did mess up some jumps in the beginning and then went on to reconstruct his program on the fly to get more points in for jumps. I'm a bit confused how he managed to get a Choreography mark in the 8s doing that as I have to say I think the choreography suffered as did the interpretation and performance/execution.

Then, we had 3 hours to kill before the "Skating Spectacular" aka the Exhibition of Champions or the Gala. I had organized a dinner for some of my online friends and also for the people we sat with. Since the various groups didn't know each other and some I'd never met (lots of friends of friends), it turned out surprisingly well. We had a blast and then a few of us made our way back to the arena. I meet up with Mr. Mac who had I sweet talked into joining me and who got along with my new friends immediately.

The exhibition was as it usually was. Fun, but not worth the price for premium seats. If I go to another Nationals, I'm really going to have to rethink going to these things.

I do want to go to another Nationals, too. I think I've gotten the bug back. Now I just need to get the money together. We're still recovering from my bout of unemployment, unfortunately, so I haven't bought tickets to anything yet. I really, really want to go to Omaha too.

But that's it for this year's Nats. If I do start going to events again, I may bring back my skating blog. It didn't seem worth it this time for one week's worth of skating reports. I'll announce it if I do.
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