Saturday, January 28, 2012

Look for me on tv!

If you are watching the US National Figure Skating Championship on tv today (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday), you will probably be able to see me because I'm in the front row. I'm wearing a maroon ski jacket over a brown striped shirt. And I should be easy to spot because skaters do lots of jumps and spins right by us and also I'm sitting right about the & in AT&T.

Here's a picture:

I'm sitting where that gal in white is sitting. (Yes, she's in my seat. Don't worry, I kicked her out for the main event.)

Also, you may be wondering where the event reports are for the rest of the short programs. I plan to do one long write-up of the rest of the Senior events once the competition is over because there really isn't time to do any more between now and then.
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