Friday, August 12, 2011

The Injury Report: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

It's two weeks (and 1.5 days) until Ironman Canada so it's time to take stock of my running.

The Good: today I ran 2 hours! (and 5 minutes) I took 1-2 min walk breaks approximately every 15 minutes and I didn't really start to have pain until I was pretty close to home. That's when it hit me. My calf is sore but my knee is fine. No more stabby knee pain when I run! I had stabby knee pain even at Vineman 70.3 so this is a big break through and I credit it to Graston and ART.

In fact, the whole area is very stable now. I do get pain eventually when I run but it takes a long time and it's just inflammation. I haven't re-injured anything or gotten a big tear through the scar tissue than then has to be broken up again in a long time. So the danger of doing something while running that prevents me from walking seems to have passed.

I can also run faster without invoking the pain. Yesterday I ran after my bike ride to do a short brick workout and I was running quite fast at first. (I was trying to catch up to someone and also get back before it got too dark.) 

I had to slow down eventually, but my 1 mile run time is within a minute of what it was pre-injury.

The Bad: I do still have pain especially if I run as fast as my cardio fitness would let me.

The Ugly: I expect the marathon at IMC to set me back. I'll be taking NSAIDs there and using pain cream so I can run through it, which I never do when I train. So at the end I expect to be very sore and take a long time to recover. (But it's going to be so worth it!)
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