Friday, August 5, 2011

IMC in 3.5 weeks. Time to freak out

Today I was reading the Athlete's Guide for Ironman Canada and I read that the run aide stations will only have water, coke and PowerBar products. Oh and fruit. What?! Where are the pretzels, potatos/chips, and cookies? What about broth after sunset?? How can I run 26.2 miles without my freaking COOKIES!!

It sounds like I'm joking, but I'm perfectly serious. That's my run nutrition: water and cookies, broth if they have it. I've done two races this way and this works the best for me of any run nutrition strategy I've tried.

So now what am I going to do?

Coke upsets my stomach. PowerBar Ironman Perform makes me violently ill. Their gels are "okay" but I don't really like them. I consider them emergency rations only.Their bars are kind of gross, at least the kind they have at races. If they have newer kind, that could work, but it won't be ideal. (Yes, I realize I've lost all hope of a PowerBar sponsorship now. Hey, I love their Energy Bites. Doesn't that count?)

Fruit is okay but I don't think I can stand to eat fruit at every aide station. That's a lot of fruit and it can have a laxative effect on me. As can the gels if that's all I take in. I need something solid. It's just how my body works  and one chocolate chip cookie followed by a cup of water every mile is the perfect amount of fluid and calories for me for a hot race. Skipping the cookie every couple of aide stations works great if it's cooler out.

I was really hoping to live off the course and not even have to stop at the run "special needs" pit stop. But there is no way I can carry enough cookies on my person to last the whole run or even half of it.

Please, please, someone whose done this race please tell me that there really will be cookies and broth and it's all a cruel joke not to say so in the Athlete's Guide... some sort of CYA thing.

Oh well, at least they've given up trying to get that extra $69 out of me.
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