Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am 54 years old. It feels kind of anti-climatic because, in triathlon, your racing age is the age you are on the last day of the year. So I've been telling people I'm 54 so they can write it on my calf for months now.

To celebrate my birthday, I drove up to San Francisco early in the morning to join the SVTC gang for an Open Water Swim in Aquatic Park. I had a better time than last year because the current didn't wash me between the boats and my goggles didn't leak.

Then we ran through Crissy Fields almost to the Golden Gate Bridge. I ran for an hour without taking a walk break! I still wasn't back to the car though so I spent the next half an hour doing half walking/half running. That's the farthest I've run without a break since I first got injured two years ago! I paid for it though with extra soreness. I had hoped to run this evening and that never happened. But I'm okay for tomorrow so it's not too bad.

Then I drove home and convinced the family to go to Stoneridge Mall so I could buy some weights and get some lunch. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and I got a salad with chicken breast and I hated it. So they took it off the bill! That was nice of them since there wasn't anything wrong with my order; I just didn't like it. Then  I had cheesecake for dessert and the waiters sang to me. Mini-Mac hates that and we laugh at her when she complains they are too loud.

 Then we went to buy the weights. They didn't have any 10 pounders so now I have six 5 pounders. Blah. But they said I could exchange them when the 10 pounders come in. I will. The we went home.

I was supposed to go to a kickoff meeting of SEA (Strong Endurance Athletes) but there just wasn't time. I got the weights so I could do my lifting protocol since I put my gym membership on hold until the end of Sept.

 My lawyers has been calling me all day asking me for information for the brief so I spent the rest of the evening writing up my entire history at my old job. We are supposed to meet tomorrow to go over it. I had hoped to go to the movies for my birthday but that never happened either.

And somewhere in there I need to write some Javascript for a job interview and help the SVTC President hand out our new kit before our monthly meeting. Oh and I have a phone screen too.

I'm totally swamped! But in a good way. I think.
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