Friday, July 8, 2011

It's like an ice bath for my ass!

Long distance runners often use ice baths to help with recovery after long runs. I say: more power to you if you can make yourself sit in a bath full of ice. But I could never make myself do it.

So I was very excited to hear about a product that promised to give the same effect without having to actually put my body into a tub of ice and water. It's called 110% Play Harder and it's compression gear that has pocket for these flat ice packs.

I have the shorts and the calf sleeves. I use the calf sleeves a lot but the shorts less often.

You are supposed to run/workout in the stuff and then, when the run is over, you slip in the ice packs. I don't always do it that way. Sometimes I run with the stuff and don't use the ice packs and sometimes I don't run with it but put it on, along with ice packs, when I'm done. Either way, I sit in it until the packs aren't cold any more. And I feel so much better when I do!

My friend who introduced me to this product is an ultra-trail runner and she says she has been able to run without injury since she starting using these.

For races, there are insulated envelopes you can use to store the ice packs. They are supposed to last six hours in those. I have found that they don't really work that well and I've managed to rip the ziplock off one of mine only the second time I used it. So I'm not as pleased with that part of the product.

The other complaint I have is that there are  no instructions with them. I don't know if I'm supposed to wash them a special way and I am not really sure how to best distribute the ice packs in the shorts. I did figure out the calf sleeves though I decided I was putting the seam in the wrong place at some point.

But the concept is great and the end results are great so that makes up for these complaints.
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