Monday, April 4, 2011

Riding the Chocolate Wave

When I heard that Fluid was working on a chocolate and vanilla version of their recovery drink, I was skeptical. It's hard to do chocolate whey right in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just picky about my liquid chocolate.

All I can say is, I was wrong to doubt. This stuff is awesome! I can't wait to workout so I can have some more. I'm doing much better at having something within the magic 30 min. window too instead of not having anything to eat for an hour or two after or just finishing up whatever it is I was consuming during the workout even if it doesn't have branch-chain amino acids.

I think it's really helping with my recovery too. I used to have to have two rest days a week, but between the Fluid and this heavy duty strength program I'm doing, I've been able to workout six days a week on a regular basis and sometimes even seven!
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