Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Job Search: Activate!

I never really watched the Wonder Twins more than once or twice in my life, but I love saying "Activate!"

Anyway, as you have probably guessed, I am without employment. Or rather I will be in two weeks. My division decided to have layoffs and I was one of the ones whose position was "eliminated". Others at my job site were as well but I have no idea who they are.

Ironically, I had been invited by a girlfriend to "play hooky" and have a Spa Day only 30 min. before I found out. I was going to tell her "no" because I had stuff to do at work and didn't feel like I could take the time off. However, my boss suggested I not come back to work after my doctor's appointment so I was able to do it after all. Now my nails are so pretty and my skin is so soft. Plus I made a new friend. Whee!

I've already got my resume into three companies (amazing what you can do while relaxing at a spa these days) and I would be happy to come work with anyone reading this whose company has an opening for a software engineer with above average user experience and project management skills. I'm going to try to get something doing front-end web development (though I don't mind doing back-end and have done it in the past) or mobile. Oh, but it has to be in the SF Bay Area as my family doesn't want to move.

In the meantime, I've had this urge to write an iPad app for a while and I have an iOS4 "cookbook" that I won at a social event at work so I think I'll get cracking.

Plus fitting in my training will be temporarily easier. Too bad I am forbidden to run for a while (more on that later). But being able to do my long stuff during the week will give me more family time on the weekend.

Watch, just by saying that, I'll end up getting a new job within weeks. The job market is a lot better than it was two years ago so I am not too worried.
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