Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Injury Report - Take Two

Right after I got laid off, I went to see my Sports Medicine doctor. He poked around and said I have a big knot and scar tissue in the spot my calf hurts. I'm not supposed to run for at least a week so that it can heal and the inflammation can die down. I can do anything else that doesn't cause pain. So biking and swimming are definitely in. Crossfit is a maybe.

I'm also supposed to avoid PT for a while and keep my ART to every other week. Both of these help in the long run but can inflame tissues in the short run. Take an anti-inflamatory as necessary. Lots of ice. Lots of stretching. And so forth and so on.

He also gave me a letter to give to the Tri-California people to try to get my money back for Wildflower. He didn't recommend I do the Olympic as he didn't think I'd be satisfied to just swim and bike it. I guess I'm rather transparent because he's right. I know, if I did the Olympic, I would try to run the run or at least walk it. I told him I was thinking about doing the Long course and only doing the swim and bike. That would still be a hefty investment of time and a good weekend workout. I know I won't be tempted to run or walk a half-marathon so it's pretty safe too.

He was okay with that and so was Tri-california. So I'll switch races when I get there on Friday.
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