Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so screwed

Whatever I did to myself at Track two week ago, it's bad. Very bad. I went from being able to run a 10k to not being able to run more than 5 minutes and then not being able to walk afterwards. I've had ART and Graston since then and I've given myself time to heal and it just hasn't made a bit of difference.

I even tried running yesterday with a knee brace. My idea was that it would hold everything in place and that would keep the knee pain from stopping me. Didn't work. It did make it harder to run as I couldn't bend my knee as much. But that's about it.

I have an appointment with the Sports Medicine doctor tomorrow. (I almost was able to get in today but not quite.) I need answers! Or at least healing.

I have Wildflower this weekend and I am thinking I should withdraw. The problem is that I've missed all the deadlines. At this point, less than 14 days before the race, I need a doctor's note and whether or not I get a 50% credit (and that doesn't include any registration fees) is up to their discretion. I won't even find out until after the race. That's assuming I can get the note to them tomorrow. I'm not sure I can get my camping fees back either.

So I'll go. I may or may not race. I was thinking that I should just do it as an AquaBike but I'm afraid that I'll go in with the intent to do that but end up trying to run anyway. Because I'm stupid like that sometimes. If I withdraw, then there is no question of doing something stupid.

But my real fear is Ironman Canada. It's in four months. And I can't run more than half a mile.

I am so screwed.
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