Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Injury Report - Take Two

Right after I got laid off, I went to see my Sports Medicine doctor. He poked around and said I have a big knot and scar tissue in the spot my calf hurts. I'm not supposed to run for at least a week so that it can heal and the inflammation can die down. I can do anything else that doesn't cause pain. So biking and swimming are definitely in. Crossfit is a maybe.

I'm also supposed to avoid PT for a while and keep my ART to every other week. Both of these help in the long run but can inflame tissues in the short run. Take an anti-inflamatory as necessary. Lots of ice. Lots of stretching. And so forth and so on.

He also gave me a letter to give to the Tri-California people to try to get my money back for Wildflower. He didn't recommend I do the Olympic as he didn't think I'd be satisfied to just swim and bike it. I guess I'm rather transparent because he's right. I know, if I did the Olympic, I would try to run the run or at least walk it. I told him I was thinking about doing the Long course and only doing the swim and bike. That would still be a hefty investment of time and a good weekend workout. I know I won't be tempted to run or walk a half-marathon so it's pretty safe too.

He was okay with that and so was Tri-california. So I'll switch races when I get there on Friday.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Job Search: Activate!

I never really watched the Wonder Twins more than once or twice in my life, but I love saying "Activate!"

Anyway, as you have probably guessed, I am without employment. Or rather I will be in two weeks. My division decided to have layoffs and I was one of the ones whose position was "eliminated". Others at my job site were as well but I have no idea who they are.

Ironically, I had been invited by a girlfriend to "play hooky" and have a Spa Day only 30 min. before I found out. I was going to tell her "no" because I had stuff to do at work and didn't feel like I could take the time off. However, my boss suggested I not come back to work after my doctor's appointment so I was able to do it after all. Now my nails are so pretty and my skin is so soft. Plus I made a new friend. Whee!

I've already got my resume into three companies (amazing what you can do while relaxing at a spa these days) and I would be happy to come work with anyone reading this whose company has an opening for a software engineer with above average user experience and project management skills. I'm going to try to get something doing front-end web development (though I don't mind doing back-end and have done it in the past) or mobile. Oh, but it has to be in the SF Bay Area as my family doesn't want to move.

In the meantime, I've had this urge to write an iPad app for a while and I have an iOS4 "cookbook" that I won at a social event at work so I think I'll get cracking.

Plus fitting in my training will be temporarily easier. Too bad I am forbidden to run for a while (more on that later). But being able to do my long stuff during the week will give me more family time on the weekend.

Watch, just by saying that, I'll end up getting a new job within weeks. The job market is a lot better than it was two years ago so I am not too worried.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I am so screwed

Whatever I did to myself at Track two week ago, it's bad. Very bad. I went from being able to run a 10k to not being able to run more than 5 minutes and then not being able to walk afterwards. I've had ART and Graston since then and I've given myself time to heal and it just hasn't made a bit of difference.

I even tried running yesterday with a knee brace. My idea was that it would hold everything in place and that would keep the knee pain from stopping me. Didn't work. It did make it harder to run as I couldn't bend my knee as much. But that's about it.

I have an appointment with the Sports Medicine doctor tomorrow. (I almost was able to get in today but not quite.) I need answers! Or at least healing.

I have Wildflower this weekend and I am thinking I should withdraw. The problem is that I've missed all the deadlines. At this point, less than 14 days before the race, I need a doctor's note and whether or not I get a 50% credit (and that doesn't include any registration fees) is up to their discretion. I won't even find out until after the race. That's assuming I can get the note to them tomorrow. I'm not sure I can get my camping fees back either.

So I'll go. I may or may not race. I was thinking that I should just do it as an AquaBike but I'm afraid that I'll go in with the intent to do that but end up trying to run anyway. Because I'm stupid like that sometimes. If I withdraw, then there is no question of doing something stupid.

But my real fear is Ironman Canada. It's in four months. And I can't run more than half a mile.

I am so screwed.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My 2010 USAT Ranking

The 2010 rankings are finally official. I came in 687 out of 970 in my age group for triathlon. That's the 30th percentile. Given how my year went, I'll take it!

Oh, and in the area of useless trivial, I am the 2nd fittest 50-54 aged female triathlete with my same last name. But the first fittest with my first name. Yeah, me!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mini-Mac's Weight

Normally I don't like to talk about my family on my blog because, well, they didn't decide to have a blog and have their personal life out there for everyone to see. But Mini-Mac is going through what I went through (sort of) at her age and what happened to us on Tues. is pertinent to what I've been posting here for the past three years.

I have mentioned before that sometime between eight and ten, Mini-Mac "chunked up" a bit after being this tiny, tiny kid. This is exactly what happened to me at that age. Unlike with me, no one in the family has been pressuring Mini-Mac to diet, telling her she'd be a beautiful girl "if only" she lost some weight, or commenting on everything she puts into her mouth. I figured none of that worked for me so I wasn't going to do any of it to Mini-Mac.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One step back?

Hopefully it's two steps forward, one step back and not the other way around...

Since my training has been going well and I was able to run that 10k, I decided to go to Track yesterday.

That was a mistake.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Riding the Chocolate Wave

When I heard that Fluid was working on a chocolate and vanilla version of their recovery drink, I was skeptical. It's hard to do chocolate whey right in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just picky about my liquid chocolate.

All I can say is, I was wrong to doubt. This stuff is awesome! I can't wait to workout so I can have some more. I'm doing much better at having something within the magic 30 min. window too instead of not having anything to eat for an hour or two after or just finishing up whatever it is I was consuming during the workout even if it doesn't have branch-chain amino acids.

I think it's really helping with my recovery too. I used to have to have two rest days a week, but between the Fluid and this heavy duty strength program I'm doing, I've been able to workout six days a week on a regular basis and sometimes even seven!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I love my BodyMedia FIT

Okay, here it is, the long awaited BodyMedia FIT review!

I have been wanting this device for a while, but I just couldn't justify it. My weight was under control and I was using an online food and exercise tracking site just fine. But I didn't feel like I truly knew how much I was burning. I felt like I was guessing all the time. So I decided to use some of my Christmas money to buy this device. That's my idea of the perfect present anyway -- something you want but can't quite justify spending your own money on it.