Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Training for Ironman Canada

I swore I wouldn't start training for IMC until March. So today is March 1st and today I went to spin class. This may have been the first time I did that in 2011, though I'd have to check my logs to be sure.

I am going to try to workout 5 days a week every week and do workouts with more intensity to start. I'm also doing a lot more strength training. I'm following a program that involves Crossfit-like workouts most days of the week plus various swim, bike and run workouts. I am modifying it as needed to make it work for both my goals and to not re-injure myself.

For running, I have done as much as I can do with Couch-to-5K. All the rest of the workouts involve running straight for 25 minutes or more and I can't do that yet. However, for my last run, I tried relaxing my legs and running slower as my PT advised me too and that helped a lot. I'm going to start running slower and longer and see if I can work up to 30 minutes over the course of the month.

I also have been able to do bike and swim workouts without my calf bothering me and that's exciting. I didn't really feel it all at SPOGA class today (Spinning + Yoga = SPOGA).

Finally, I have stretched two days in a row! I know, I'm supposed to stretch every day. But I hardly ever do it. I keep trying to make it a habit but so far it hasn't happened. I'm going to modify my training logs so I have a spot to check off my daily stretch. I have a feeling that will work better for me than just trying to remember.

I'm so excited to train for this race. I'm glad I held off on starting too soon. Now I'm psyched and ready to rumble...
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