Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank you, Garrett!

Today I ran for 20 min. with no walk breaks! The last time I had PT, Garrett had me run and gave me some advice. Mainly to relax my legs and also to run with a motion more like pedaling a small bike. Doing that caused me to use my ankles more and that helped to absorb some of the shock. I had been trying to keep my knee from flopping around and I thnk it caused me to run too stiff-legged.

I was also running too fast. This is one of the issues with coming back from an injury. You remember how it used to be and you think you are still there when you aren't. These days, running ten minute miles seems so slow, but it's what I need to do right now. So I'm going to keep doing it until I can run for a hour without pain.
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