Friday, February 18, 2011

Catching up

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post. I have a lot of things I'm working on but also I've been really busy with work and life and I'm behind on the blog and haven't been visiting as many of my normal social media sites either.

On the workout front, I'm trying to get back to my normal schedule. I said I wouldn't start training for IMC until March but I'm getting antsy. Too bad it's been raining all week and may rain out my Saturday ride. I need to get back into my 4 workouts during the week and 4 during the weekend schedule or I'm going to be woefully unprepared for my upcoming races.

On the running front, I am doing Couch-to-5K in an effort to ease back into running without going too fast, too soon. However, I'm stuck on Week 5. This week calls for a 20 min. run on Day 3 and that just isn't happening. I can do Day 2: Run 8 min, walk 5, Run 8 min. but the last 1-2 min. of my second 8 minute run often hurt quite a bit as does a lot of the 5 minute cool-down walk afterwards. There's no way I can run 20 minutes straight when I can't run 16 minutes with a walk break in between.

I am thinking I may switch to a different pattern. Maybe run 1 mile, walk 1/2  mile and repeat. Then I can work on running 1.5 miles, walking .5 mile, etc. until I can run for 20 minutes straight. I'm going to try that at the gym today and see how it goes.

On the injury front, I'm doing okay. All those weird hip and back pains and pains in my butt when I sit at the computer or drive my car are mostly gone. I am still having issues with my computer setup at work though. I swapped the monitor/lap top arrangement to see if that helps but I still find myself kind of hunched over and staring up at the big screen with a crick in my neck.

The heel pain is mostly gone as long as I wear the right shoes. I have bought a ton of SuperFeet inserts but have been lazy about putting them into my shoes. I need to get all the shoes and all the inserts out and figure out which shoes get which inserts. I have 2-3 pairs of shoes that are particularly bad for putting too much pressure on the arch or that just don't have enough support but I've also invested in some really nice shoes that help a lot as long as I wear them.

Finally, my weight is annoying me. I will write an entire post about that because it involves a review of my new BodyMedia FIT, which deserves it's own post.

In other areas of my life.... some guy side-swiped me on the way home from seeing Rise: The Movie with my figure skating club. I get out of the car and he says "why did you hit me?" and I am embarrassed to admit that I kind of lost it. I most certainly did NOT hit him. I felt at least two impacts and his car has two areas of damage while mine only has one. I think he hit me with the front bumper, just a tap, and then we both probably swerved as I was trying to retain control of the car and I'm sure he was too. Anyway, I called the cops because I was afraid he would take off but after we both calmed down, he turned out to be an okay guy. But I still say he hit me! The cops said you couldn't tell from the damage who hit who. Plus they said it was dark and raining and that area of the freeway isn't well lit so they weren't surprised this happened.
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