Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Race Schedule

I just spent all week signing up for races! I really love to race. Plus, since my goal this year is to get stronger and faster, I figure I can use races as hard workouts and practice racing and that will help. I had wanted to do that last year but the injury just wouldn't let me. I am enough better now that I think I'll be okay soon enough.

Since I love to race with people I know, I figured I'd post my schedule and that might encourage my friends to sign up for these races too.

Paid for so far:

Go Green! 5KMarch 13 th
Tierra BellaApril 17 thSigned up for the 100 mi but I'm reserving the right to either downshift to the 100k or upshift to the 200k as the mood strikes me
Wildflower OlympicMay 1 stI want to see how much faster I can do it compared to the first time and not have the pressure to run 13.1 miles
Mermaid AlamedaJune 11 th
Vineman 70.3July 17 th
Vineman RelayJuly 30 thIt amuses me that I'm the fastest swimmer on team Winning by Losing
Ironman CanadaAugust 28 th

Other races I'm thinking about doing, but haven't paid for yet:

Catfish CrawlJune 23 rd
Big KahunaSept. 13 th
Santa Cruz TriSept. 25 th
Rock 'n Roll Half-MarathonOct 2 nd
SheROXOct 16 th
Warrior DashOct 29-30 th
CIMDec 4th
a few Splash & Dashesvarious
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