Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There's an MRI in my future, but not today

I went to see Dr. Fulmer today. He poked and prodded and we talked about my injury and he basically told me to HTFU. Okay, not really. But he thinks it's just scare tissue and I have to exercise through it and not be afraid of the pain. I'm going to get an MRI just to be sure, but the place he normally sends people isn't on my insurance. I'm waiting to hear back where the second choice place is.

In the meantime, I'm supposed to start running again and I'm to do pretty much what I had been doing before my body started falling apart in September. That is to exercise as much as I'm able, back off is I go to far and end up in a lot of pain, and just feel my way through it.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Every since I went skating, I've been in big pain every time I've worked out and had to take a few days to get out of pain. So I'm in worse shape than I was when I was training for my Ironman and usually could work out a few days in a row and rare had to take more than two days off due to pain. I've been in pain a lot just doing my day-to-day stuff as well. Driving in the car is particularly bad as it seems put stress right on my calf.

Then again, I swam tonight and I actually feel better. This is better than last week when I swam and hurt so much that night and the next day that I had to take a few days off and then did nothing but water aerobics for the rest of the week. So maybe whatever I did to myself skating is finally healed.

After the MRI, I'll go back for a follow-up and then I'll figure out if I'm going to continue with PT, ART, or both.

Speaking of PT, Dr. Fulmer said that adding a 1/4" heel lift was a big switch and, if I decide to try a heal lift again, I should start out with something that's barely there, like a 1/16" lift and work my way up. He also said that I've been walking with one leg shorter than the other for at least 50 years so my body mechanics have probably adjusted to it. This is exactly what I  said that the time, so of course that made me happy. I will still keep the lift for running though. Because otherwise my right foot is totally turned out the wrong way and I feel like some weird deformed doll. If I do that, Dr. Fulmer said I should also have a shim on my bike shoe -- which I do!
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