Sunday, January 16, 2011

RV or PS?

The other day I decided. This is it, I can't take this floppy skin any more and I'm going to get plastic surgery! I decided I would start saving up for it and, by the time my car is paid off, I'd probably have enough and we could finance the rest (since I wouldn't have a car payment any more).

This decision lasted for a whole five days.

That's when Mr. Mac dangled the idea of getting a new RV in my face. Our old one is shot. It won't pass Smog and the roof is leaking. It is over twenty-five years old so it's to be expected. But I was hoping to get another year of camping trips out of it.

Now I'm torn. I really enjoyed having an RV. I liked going to races and not having to stay in a hotel. With the RV, I can take a shower after the race (by then we've checked out of the hotel) and make my protein shakes in a blender instead of a shaker bottle. RV parks often are friendlier and cheaper than hotels as well.

But RVs are expensive. They are as expensive as Plastic Surgery, in fact. Or more expensive if you get a super-deluxe one.

We're looking at travel trailers that can be towed by my RAV4 (which means only the very lightest of them) or a Class C Motorhome that we could tow the Focus behind us.

I kind of knew this would happen. As much as the loose skin annoys me, there is always something I want more.
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