Saturday, January 8, 2011

Intuitive Eating == Epic Fail

I decide a few months ago to stop logging my food. I had been logging it since February 2008. My weight was stable and, during the week anyway, my eating was down to a routine. I was sick of logging, sick of counting, weighing and measuring. Unlike last year around the Fall when I also thought about quitting, I didn't feel like I was quitting because I secretly wanted to eat crap without accountability.

So I quit.

Everything went okay at first. But I noticed right away that I was eating more carbs. Soon my hair was starting to come out in the shower again. Not every day, but more than before, more than could be explained by normal shedding. Then, my weight started creeping up. Then, I got love handles.

So now I'm back.

In my first week of logging, I had two different days where I didn't think I'd met my protein goals and I forced myself to eat something high protein at the end of the day even though I was stuffed. The next day I realized that I had forgotten to log something and when I did, the missing ingredient got me to my protein and calorie goals while the food I forced down myself put me over.

This is exactly what I hate about logging. I start eating to the numbers and not listening to my body. On the other hand, logging seems to lead to poorer eating habits and weight gain.

Now, some of the weight gain happened because I over-indulged around Christmas, because my exercise is severely restricted due to my injury (more on that next week after I see the doctor) and then my GERD came back in the same time period as I ovulated. So it was a Perfect Storm of carb-osity and it might have happened even if I was logging. But I suspect it wouldn't have been quite so bad. I gained five pounds in ONE WEEK! It took me two months to gain that during the off-season last year.

The problem is, when I log, I tend to eat to the numbers, even when they're wrong, rather than eating to internal cues, but when I don't log, I eat sub-optimally because I don't have the accountability that logging gives me.

It's a conundrum.

I have decided that not-logging is still the goal. Or, rather, intuitive eating is still the goal. (If I can do that while still logging, I think I'd have the best of both worlds.) But I'm just not quite ready for it yet. I also think this is the absolutely worst time of year to try to do it. Next time I try to wean myself from logging, I will make sure it's during a time where my eating kind of controls itself so it will be like having training wheels.
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