Thursday, January 27, 2011

Follow up from my (very expensive) MRI

I've been very busy at work and neglecting my blog. Sorry about that.

I had my follow up appointment after my MRI. They were able to read it in spite of the whole tattoo fiasco. And... it's normal.

There is a small amount of scar tissue in the area where it hurts (which is not the area of the original injury). It seems that this scar tissue is impeding the movement of my femur, which is probably why I get knee pain when I run.

For next steps, I can:

1) Do nothing and continue to train through the pain
2) Do ART to try to loosen everything up, particularly around the femoral head (top of femur where it goes into the knee) and Graston technique to work out the last bit of scar tissue
3) Do PT to work on improving the tracking of my knee
4) Do a combination of ART, Graston & PT

I can do the PT/ART/Graston as much as I want. As little as every other week if I'm good about doing the exercises they give me in between or more often if I want to fast track everything.

I do want to fast track everything and I am bad about doing my exercises. But I also have to consider how many visits of PT and chiropractic I have left for the fiscal year and how much time I can take off from work. So I've decided to do PT every other week and ART/Graston the other week. Since the scar tissue is so small (I couldn't even see it on the MRI even with the doctor pointing it out), I am hopeful that even with that little amount of work, I can still break through the stiffness and get my range of motion and normal running gait back.

I am also supposed to stretch every day. I have been doing the DROM routine (dynamic range of motion) most mornings after I shower. I have not been good about foam rolling or stretching the calf with static stretches. I think I may start getting a sports massage every week to help with all of that. I had planned to do that once I started training harder, but maybe I should start now. A nice friend gave me a gift certificate for one after I did my Ironman so I guess I should stop hoarding it for "when I really need it" and just do it.

In the meantime, I am working through the Couch-to-5K program again with the goal of doing a 5k with my friend the Borg Queen for St. Patrick's Day. I'm on week 2. I find if I keep the running to a 10:00 min mile pace, I can get through the session but, if I speed up, I can't do every interval of running. So I've been doing it on the treadmill to force myself to slow down.

P.S. My insurance posted the bill for my MRI to my account. They were billed almost $1100! But they only got not quite $400. (I paid nothing.) This kind of thing makes me shake my head as to the state of our health care industry and how screwed up the "fee for service" model is.
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