Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week One: Race Week!

So my first taper week is over. I took it pretty easy with three days off in a row - Sunday through Tuesday.

Then I swam on Wednesday, which would have been okay, but we did a lot of kick drills and that bothered my calf a little. On Thursday I decided to try out my new headlamp and make sure I'll be warm enough and went for a night run around the neighborhood.

As usually when I just run cold, particularly around my neighborhood, it didn't go that well. It wasn't horrible but I could feel my calf pretty much the whole time and I ended up walking quite a bit. On the other hand, the new headlamp is awesome. My near vision deteriorates enough at night that having the extra light, even when there are street lights, makes a big difference.

Friday my work group went Go Kart racing. I had never done it before and it was a lot more fun than I expected. I won the pole position in the qualifying round and thought I'd won the race too, but it turns out when I and the second place guy were involved a big pile up, the third place guy snuck past us and we never caught up with him. So we came in second and third respectively.

My arms were pretty tired afterward so I counted this as active recovery.

Saturday I was supposed to go for a bike ride. But I needed to change out my tires, which have gotten quite worn down. I put it off because I knew I'd suck at it and, sure enough, it was taking me forever. Plus I only had one spare tube and not two like I thought. So I gave up and went to the bike shop and let them do it. The advantage of this is that I now have thorn-resistant tubes in my tires and two spare tubes. The disadvantage is that I didn't get started on my ride until 4:20 and then miscalculated the time and got stuck out there in pitch blackness with no lights or reflectors on my bike. I ended up cutting the ride short and had Mr. Mac come pick me up so I didn't get hit by a car.

I had a good tempo ride before that point though. I felt very strong and was able to keep my speed up even biking into a headwind. I didn't feel fried in the legs after either even though I was going pretty fast the whole way.

Sunday was my last Open Water Swim before I hit Tempe followed by a short run. The run went much better than Thursday's. I was able to run for 3.44 miles before I had to stop and walk. I didn't feel particularly sore or damaged after, either.

Though maybe that was the Pho. After swimming and running, my friend C and I went out to lunch with our IMAZ mentor Lady Dee. She gave us advice and answered our questions and then we went back to her place where she plied us with topical analgesics. Heh. She also lent me her race belt that she got through IMAZ with last year, being very injured and not being able to run, but still finishing in a respectable time (14.5 hours). It's supposed to give me luck and I bet it does.

Now it's time to start backing and then I'm off to Arizona!
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